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Baptisms at Burtonwood, Lancashire

Burtonwood, St Michael

(parents: George & Margaret)

John b. 06th Jan 1836, bap. 27th Mar 1836

Thomas b. 27th Jun 1838, bap. 25th Dec 1838

William b. 17th April 1841, bap. 18th Jul 1841

Sarah b. 04th Aug 1842, bap. 16th Oct 1842

Ann b. 12th May 1845, bap. 01st Aug 1847

James b. 20th Feb 1847, bap. 01st Aug 1847

John b. 02nd July 1849, bap. 17th Oct 1852

Hannah b. 18th Nov 1851, bap. 17th Oct 1852

(abode as Newton, except Thomas as Warrington)

Baptism at Winwick, Lancashire

Winwick Burials

John, his widow Ann and his son James, with daughter in law Mary HOUGHTON






Grandfather LANE


Florrie LANE (nee OGDEN)


Elizabeth Ann OGDEN (nee HOUGHTON)








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Not My HOUGHTON Connection


For Anne



St. Helens Reporter, Friday January 28 1944 page 5

The Vacant Chair: Council voices its sorrow at the death of Coun. E. Houghton
The article consists mainly of tributes from Council members made at a council meeting.

The following funeral mourners are listed:

The family mourners were:
Mrs. M. Houghton (widow)
Messrs. John and Edward Houghton (sons)
(Mr. W. Houghton (son) was absent through sickness)
Mrs. A. Lloyd (daughter)
Misses Iris M., Ruth and Marie Houghton, and Renee Lloyd. Mr. Stanley Houghton and Master Keith Houghton (grandchildren)
Mr. J. Houghton (brother)
Mrs B. Mather (sister)
Mr. A. Lloyd (son-in-law)
Mesdames A, R. and E. Houghton (daughters-in-law)
Messrs. Levi Prestt and Joseph Hodgson (nephews)
Mr. H. Mather
Miss F. Parr (niece)
Mrs. J. Parr
Mr. and Mrs Matthews

The bearers were:
Messrs M.H. Bonney, C. Howard, J. Houghton and L. Prestt
Members attending the meeting of the town council were:
The Mayor (Coun. G. Marsden), Aldermen E. Burns, W. Burrows, A. Dodd, T. Hamblett, Mrs. K. McCormack, J.C. Simm and J. Thackray. Couns. N. Birch, A. Fenton, E. Griffiths, A. Heaton, W. Marshall, Mrs. M. McFarlane, Mrs. J. Donald, J. O’Brien, Mrs. M.E. Pilkington, R.A.Pilkington, E. Price, R.O.Robertson, Mrs. M. Shard, J.A.Waring, A.E Williams and T.Woods.

Co-opted members of Education Committee:
Mrs. H. B. Bates and Miss Unsworth.

Corporation Officials:
Town Clerk (Mr. W.H. Pollitt)
Deputy Town Clerk (Mr. A. Curran)
and Mr. L. Patterson
Borough Engineer (Mr. A.P. Statham)
Borough Treasurer (Mr. J.H. Wilkin)
Medical Officer of Health (Dr. F. Hauxwell)
Chief Constable (Mr. A. Cust)
Director of Education (Mr. J.D. Collins)
Gas Engineer (Mr. B.L. Greaves)
Transport Manager (Mr. W. Little)
Mr. W. Orrell (Town Clerk’s Department)
Col. E. Rimmer (A.R.P. Chief)

In addition to the Councillors and officials present at the Council meeting the following attended the service at St. Thomas’s Church:
Rev. W.E. Wallis
Mr. J. Stead (Treasurer, Labour Party)
Mr. T.E. Beeley (representing Gas Engineers)
Supt. A. Warren (St. John’s Ambulance)
Mrs A. Dodd
Mr. F. Johnson
Mr. W. McCulley (Magistrates’ Clerk)
Mr. E. Sefton (Chief Sanitary Inspector)
Mrs D. Johnson (W.V.S.)
Mr. J.E Stewart, Mr. R. Woodcock (Magistrates)
Mr. J. Wilson (representing Royal London Insurance Society)
Mr. J. Griffin (Agent, Labour Party)
Mr. T. A. Radcliffe, Messrs E. Fairam, W. Atkins, E. Walsh and W. Pugh

Wreaths were received from:
His widow (In loving memory of, and grateful thanksgiving for, 56 years of mutual happiness)
Jack, Rachel and Iris
Ted and Annie
Alice and Alan
Stanley and Ruth
Renee, Billy and Aggie (Chesterfield)
Marie and Keith (Chesterfield)
Mr. and Mrs. H. Mather
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Prestt
Mr. Joseph Hodgson and all at Liverpool Road
Mrs. and Miss Parr
Mr. and Mrs. J. Houghton
Mrs. Annie Houghton
Capt. and Mrs. W. Matthews
Mr. A. Critchley and all at Kenmore Lodge
Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard and family
Mr. and Mrs. H. Bonney and ‘Ted’ [?]
Mr. and Mrs. H. Phythian and family
Mr. Frank Johnson
Mr. J.R. Stead
Mr. and Mrs. E. Walsh and family
Mr. and Mrs W. Pugh and Fred
Miss M. Unsworth and all at 18 Hard Lane
The Mayor and Town Couincil
Ald. and Mrs. T. Hamble
Ald. and Mrs. A. Dodd
Chief Constable, Officers and Men of Borough Police
Staff and Boys of Parr Central School
Chief Officials of the Corporation
Trades and Labour Council
National Union of Life Assurance Agents
Parr Labour Club

Mr. Joseph Hodgson (nephew of the deceased) was the funeral director.

Interment recorded:
Edward Houghton (76), 10, Main Avenue.